Friday, October 24, 2008

Fish are rising up like birds!

Some times you find something so cool you end up using it every day and telling all your friends about it. Well the latest, not relay the latest I have been using it for a year or so now is Seeqpod. As well as a cool little tool that uses the seeqpod engine Mixwits. Both are cool as hell to build up a playlist and let it rip! As soon as my webpage gets up which should be in a week or two I will some good playlists to wrap bugs by! Also as a eary adopter of the seeqpod love have aquired my favorite fishing shit and have become famous!

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Diggity Dank

As I sat that Bozeman airport waiting to meet a good friend and his buddy, who would soon be considered a friend as well, I got to thinking who is this guy coming in and why am I sitting at a airport at midnight waiting for him. Well he is a good friend. More then that he is a Fishing Friend. Fishing Friends are a rare bread. You don't need to swap emails or phone calls every day or even every year, but when you meet one, a good one, they will be friends for life. Dank is one of the few I consider a dear friend, a fishing friend. Dank, cool name right, got off the plane a little fried by the 90 degree Michigan heat and a little goofy eyed from the lack of sleep, with a soon to be good fishing friend Doug. Dank is a man that I can only explane as obsessed with anything finned, be it in a bay, a river, under the ice, or on a fly, glow spoons, or live bait, the man gets it done and done right. Dank lives back in Frankfort, MI and loves to chase steelhead, salmon, pike, perch....etc.. Like I said the man is obsessed. Anyway Dank and I meet about 6 years ago on steelhead trip to MI with the now famous PBJ Jennings. Great trip good fishing and good friends. Dank and I have talked off and on and tried to hook up here and there but finely this trip we got to get tougher and toss back a few PBR tall boys and go fishing. Doug , Dank's friend that came off the plane with him, is kind of quite guy who has ended up loving by dog May. I should day that Doug seems to be a quite guy, that is until you have him fishing 7x out of the boat in a 10 mile head wind with a # 22 parachute BWO. He wanted to go to 8x but Dank talked him out of it!! The three of us and May headed out in the drizzling rain to see what the mighty Yellowstone was up to. A little slow, lots of wind and some time spent perfecting the whitey strike and the day was done. A good day, and would every say a great day!All in all I wish I was headed to the horn with these two great guys but life is keeping me here and I am sure when they get back to Bozeman on Saturday I will here many more great stories and most will start wiht "Did Jeff every tell you the one about...." Thanks to both of you for the great day and lets plan on doing it many more times.

Who has one thumb and likes the Yellowstone?

Can you say "Cowboy up F@#$%"

The Dankerd strikes again

Right where he was supposed to be

"See dank you hold them out like this so the look bigger!"

A Great Day!

A Very Very good day

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sticking Pigs - Collins Family Style

Campbell Keeping the PeaceCampbell keeping the peace
Campbell keeping the peace
Madison's first fish
My Girls
Picture me Roll'n
Kiss Kiss

Friday, February 15, 2008

..The Collins Brother From South Western Montana...

This is the final cut for a commercial that my brother and I shot on the Yellowstone River out side of Livingstone MT, Commercial shot by Clay Croft @ Great day spent on a great river with great friends